Preventing Electric Shock

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 30,000 non-fatal shock accidents happen every year. Luckily, these are easy to prevent! With some basic knowledge and training from your local electrician in Fort Collins you can spot potential dangers in your home.

Install Outlet Plug Covers

Outlet covers are the first step to ensuring electrical safety especially if you have children. New safety features allow the outlet to open only when a cord is inserted. This prevents children from tampering with them.

Always Check for Socket Voltage

Be sure to keep track of voltage and wattage when replacing light bulbs. A light bulb can short out if inserted into a socket over its capacity. The recommended wattage can easily be found printed around the light bulb socket.

Replace Damaged Fixtures

Switches and outlets will wear down over time with routine use and should be replaced to assure electrical connections remain stable. Also, replace any damaged outlet covers to prevent tampering.

Prevent Outlet Overloading

Try to avoid having too many heavy appliances plugged in and running from the same outlets or power strips. This can lead to overheating, a short circuit, or a tripped breaker.

Shut Off Breakers When Remodeling

If you are doing electrical remodeling or working on any projects that require drilling or cutting into walls, turn off all appropriate power sources. Even if you are doing small tasks like drilling a hole in a wall it is still best to turn off all circuits to be on the safe side.

Professional Electrical Help

Don’t hesitate to call York Electrical Services with questions if an electrical job is beyond your scope. As always, our estimates are free, and we look forward to doing business with you.


Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but here in beautiful Colorado the weather is always a topic of conversation. One day it is sunny and 65 while the next day’s forecast calls for you to get the snow blower ready. I am sure you can imagine what happens to electric bills when weather fluctuates that  rapidly. York Electrical Services is your trusted local electrician in Northern Colorado! Here are some tips to effectively manage your electric bill:

Seal up the house. Don’t let your money escape through your windows! It is super easy to head to the hardware store for caulk and weather-stripping to seal cracks. According to Consumer Reports, sealing leaks can reduce energy costs by 15 to 30%

Wash laundry with cold water.  Washing clothing in cold water instead of hot can save big bucks every year.

Go vintage with a crock pot. Slow cookers use less energy and won’t turn your kitchen into a sauna.

Air-dry clothing. Most people, myself included love the smell of clothes freshly dried by nice warm sunshine.

Turn on fans. Simply put, fans make a room feel cooler and can save some serious cash in the long run.

Consider your light bulbs. Replace ten 60-watt light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs to save over a hundred dollars per year.

Don’t cool an empty house. If you have a programmable thermostat, use it! Also, close off rooms you aren’t occupying, as well.

Replace air filters monthly. Dirty filters restrict airflow, causing the AC system to run longer and use more energy.

These simple steps should add up to noticeable savings and don’t require much time or money. Don’t forget to call us for all your electrical needs big or small. We look forward to doing business with you!


How To Improve Office Lighting

Most people don’t realize the effect light has on us, but the truth is that humans are highly photo sensitive. This explains why the lighting in your office space is proven to affect productivity and motivation. If you suspect that your office lighting is affecting performance, Call us, your local electrician in Northern Colorado for a free estimate. There are several solutions to improve poor lighting:

  • If you don’t already have energy saving lighting installed in your office, now is the time to make the change.
  • If your office has flickering fluorescent lighting, be aware that this can have severe consequences such as seizures.
  • Also, different tasks require different levels of light to ensure alertness and productivity.
  • Similarly, age and vision can affect lighting requirements, and many older people have different needs in order to work properly.
  • The color of lighting (warm or cold) is a factor that contributes to safe and healthy workplace lighting.


Why Do You Need to Make These Changes?

Lighting is crucial to alertness and productivity. It has the power to influence customers shopping habits and it is also a health and safety issue. If your office lighting is not up to standard, Call us today. We are honest, professional, and have a stellar reputation as preferred electricians. As always, we look forward to working with you.


What Exactly Does A Circuit Breaker Do?

Circuit breakers are essential for preventing fires and injuries. What does a circuit breaker do? Well, in short, these electrically-powered geniuses detect and stop excess current. They typically trip (turn off) when there is an overloaded or short circuit, cutting off current to the problem line until the issue can be safely addressed.

How Does a Circuit Breaker Work?

Your home’s electrical service panel contains a series of lever-operated circuit breakers that control protect the circuits. Each circuit breaker is designed to ‘trip,’ at already determined amp loads, which is why there are  different size breakers in the box. In order to protect your home and family against fire and electrical injury, if this limit is reached, when the breaker trips it opens the circuit and prevents the flow of current to that particular electrical line or circuit.

Most Common Reasons Circuit Breakers Trip:

  • An overloaded circuit, such as a battle between the vacuum and space heater, or your one of a kind Christmas light show.
  • short circuit, such as a wiring issue within an appliance that results in excess current being pulled.
  • ground fault, which typically occurs in high moisture. You will find these in your kitchen or bath, and is the reason GFCIs are required by current electrical code for your protection.

Where Can I Find Circuit Breakers in My Home?

Circuit breakers are found in your home’s breaker box. Breaker boxes are typically found in the garage, basement, hall, utility or storage rooms. If you’re having difficulty locating your breaker box, look for the electric meter outside your home. This is usually close to your breaker box for safety/distribution.

How to Reset A Circuit Breaker

If you lose power to an outlet or area of your home, a circuit breaker may have been tripped. Once you find your breaker box, resetting the circuit breaker is easy. Open the door to the breaker box and look for the toggles. (They look like light switches only sideways.) Most should be pointing toward the panel center, indicating the ON position. Toggles pointing away from the panel center are OFF. Toggles in an in-between position are the one(s) which have tripped. You must turn the breaker OFF before turning it ON again, or it will not reset. If it trips again right away, turn it off without resetting it, close the panel door, and call us for a free estimate.

Repeat Offender?

If your home has a circuit breaker that repeatedly trips, it is important to understand the reason why and to prevent it from happening again. Call York Electrical Services today to ensure the safety of your home and family. We look forward to becoming your trustworthy electrical choice.


Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone, which means all of those electrical projects you wanted to get done in 2017 are still taunting you. No need to panic, York Electrical Services, your trusted local electrician can help you start the new year off right. Whether your project is as big as a remodel or as small as an outlet, you can trust us to get the job done right. As always, estimates are free and we offer a one year warranty on all parts and labor. With guaranties like that, you can’t go wrong. Give us a call and see why we treat you right from the first contact to the final product. We hope 2018 brings you good luck and happiness. So, Happy New Year from our “family” to yours. We look forward to working with you.

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring An Electrician

When it is time to hire an electrical contractor in Northern Colorado you should always practice due diligence to ensure you are getting the best service available. York Electrical Services is clean, honest, professional and we take pride in our stellar reputation. Here are three tips to consider so you won’t be left in the dark:

1. Read previous, relevant reviews

Being positively reviewed is not enough in and of itself. You need to check if they are relevant to the job you need done. Read through previous reviews to confirm that your potential electrician has been well-reviewed for jobs like yours. Check also for reliability and punctuality. Customers often leave detailed comments and feedback make use of these!

2. Agree to a quote

Before you hire, make sure you get an estimate. The estimate should include details about the job, prices, and any exclusions.

3. Don’t pick the cheapest option

When considering different quotes, don’t pick the cheapest one. Read through the estimate carefully to ensure that you end up picking the best person for your job. Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is!

Don’t forget, we offer free estimates and look forward to doing business with you.


End Of The Year House Project?

Are you considering a big house project before the end of the year and find yourself in need of a local electrician in Northern Colorado? When it comes to quality electrical work do yourself a favor and hire the best. At York Electrical Services we pride ourselves on quality, professional and honest work. We come with many years of experience from the administrative office to the field and will take on your project while making sure it is compliant with NEC (National Electrical Code). John York is not only the owner/operator but is personable, thorough, and a shining community example of small business done right. We give free estimates and would love the opportunity to earn your business and friendship. We also offer a one-year warranty on all parts and labor and provide military and senior discounts. Call us today to get your house project underway.

Fun Facts About Electricity!

York Electrical Services in Fort Collins is your honest and professional local electrician! We can help with all your upcoming electrical needs. We offer free estimates, so you know exactly what you can expect from us from day one. Not to mention we love what we do! Here are a few fun facts about electricity:

  • It travels more than 186,000 miles per second, which is the speed of light.
  • A single spark of static electricity measures up to 3,000 volts.
  • In comparison, a bolt of lightning can measure up to 3 million volts in under a second.
  • Electricity can be made from many sources such as wind, sun, and water.
  • Electricity will always find the easiest path to the ground.
  • The first power plant was owned by Thomas Edison in New York City in 1882.
  • Thomas Edison invented more than 2,000 new products, including almost everything needed for us to use electricity in our homes: switches, fuses, sockets and meters.
  • Benjamin Franklin didn’t discover electricity, but he did prove that lightning is a form of electrical energy.

Call us today! We look forward to doing business with you. We offer military and senior discounts too.


Is Your Space Heater Tripping Your Breaker?

The first snow has arrived in Colorado and the temperature dropped overnight by at least thirty-five degrees no doubt leaving a chill in your house. If you are like me, and are not wanting to run the furnace yet you most likely have purchased a space heater. They truly are a wonderful way to heat a room just enough to be comfortable. What is not wonderful about them is their magical ability to trip a breaker just because you decided to use another outlet at the same time. If this is a problem you are having Call the professionals at York Electrical Services, licensed electricians serving Larimer County. We will thoroughly inspect your electrical issue and resolve it so you can get back to just living life. We will also make sure there are no dangerous underlying issues to your tripping breaker. So, give yourself the gift of warmth and peace of mind and call us today. We also, offer free estimates.

Fall is here, let us hook up your hot tub!

The leaves are turning, and the air is getting cooler by the day. That means it is Fall in Colorado. The good news is that you don’t have to let the cold air drive deep into your bones! If you are thinking of finally getting that long sought after hot tub to relax and replenish your soul, we are the local electrician in Fort Collins to call. Our electricians are clean, honest, and professional and can provide you with the advice and service to keep your new investment running all through the year. We are a family owned business and will treat you and your home with the respect it deserves. So, when it comes to professionals that care about the community we live in and quality work look no further than York Electrical Services! Call us today for a free estimate and even better conversation.