It’s time to think about Thanksgiving electrical usage!

While the rest of the country slowly devours the last of the Halloween candy and tries to plan the Thanksgiving guest list, the phone at York Electrical Services, your local electrician in Fort Collins has started ringing. Our customers, looking ahead at to the Thanksgiving surge of power usage, are calling to have their repairs and upgrades done now so they can maintain their electrical integrity during the holidays.

Thanksgiving is a hot time for electric usage! Consumers spend 25$ million in turkey roasting alone according to TXU, a Texas energy provider. This figure does not include the mashed potatoes, yams with the delicious marshmallows on top, or the pumpkin pies. In fact, the danger of a house fire on Thanksgiving is formidable and is the number one day for house fires in the entire year!

Similarly, Thanksgiving weekend is the time that many families put up their holiday lights. In keeping with the family tradition of not getting electrocuted Christmas Vacation style, many homeowners install GFCI and weather-protected outlets for their outdoor holiday lighting. Careful inspection of each strand also ensures that there aren’t any damaged or exposed wires.

Advance preparation for all of these activities gives a homeowner a pretty good idea of any electrical repairs that might need to be done for the holidays, but also gives them an awareness of the heavy electrical usage they will encounter. Not just from cooking and entertainment, but also from the needs of the number of guests who are invited. The lights, the number of times the front door is opened, using the dishwasher, and things like opening the refrigerator all contribute to the bill.

Most importantly, York Electrical Services would like to take this opportunity to wish you, our loyal customers and readers, a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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