Protection Without Exception (Part 1)

Safety is our number one priority at York Electrical Services, your trusted local electrician in Fort Collins. Since the 1960s, receptacles and circuit breakers with GFCI technology have become standard in homes to protect occupants from electric shock. Required by the NEC for outlets located in certain wet or damp locations, such as near bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops, bathtubs, and showers, GFCI receptacles monitor variations in the electrical current flowing through the line.

In instances where a person accidentally becomes part of an electrical circuit, a GFCI receptacle would immediately trip, preventing electrical current from going through a person on its way to ground. It’s a technology that can save lives.

But did you know that GFCI circuit breakers don’t have to adhere to the same safety standards that govern GFCI receptacles? Until only recently, safety standards for GFCI circuit breakers included exceptions which may allow for unprotected power to remain flowing through a circuit breaker that has reached end of life.

When this standard was adopted it assumed that GFCIs, like all consumer products, have a limited life expectancy and would eventually reach a point where they could no longer provide ground fault protection.

Call us today for a free estimate if you are unsure about your GFCI protection. Your family is our family and we are here to help and as always we look forward to doing business with you.




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